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No need to wait for the watch of your dreams. Get it in 2 days, on us!

After you place your order, we process it within one business day. We pick your gorgeous watch from our safe, perform a series of final quality checks, and carefully place it in a beautiful watch box with our white gloves.

Your watch then goes into a corrugated shipping box and we give it to our wonderful FedEx or UPS shipping guy. We tell him to take good care of your watch, and that it must be at your address within two business days. No later.


And we give you 90 days to return it.

As you know, we're passionate about cutting out the middleman. That's why you can only purchase directly from us, the manufacturer of these magnificent timepieces.

Still, purchasing online may come with some unknowns, that's why we're committed to making process of purchasing a LIV watch as hassle free and worry free as possible.

We understand that you might not be sure that you'll love the LIV Watch, so no need to worry. You can order your watch and you have 90 days to return it for a full refund or exchange.

"High-quality item, got it fast.
Well made, eye-catching and built to last
- will be back for more!"

— George B. from the United Kingdom

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A taste of what's to come.

Check out Robert McNamara's unscripted, authentic, real life, unboxing video. It's impressive and detailed, just a small glimpse into the experience of receiving a LIV Watch, in all its glory!  


A glimpse into packing a LIV Watch

We don't just create stunning watches. We think that presentation is super important, so we put a great emphasis on the packing process.

We package each watch in three distinct steps:

Step 1: Picking the watch
Step 2: Installing the strap
Step 3: Into the box

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You might call us obsessive. We'll take that as a compliment.

Our commitment to detail is what gets us up in the morning.
And keeps us up at night.
Prepare to be awed by our flawless timepieces.