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A watch is only as good as its movement, the mechanism that powers its functions. We equip each LIV watch with an exceptional mechanical or quartz Swiss movement. Our master watchmaker personally sources these from only the best Swiss movement makers.

Once in our Swiss workshops, we meticulously inspect and fine tune each movement, adjusting our mechanical movements in as many as five positions to an accuracy up to +/- 4 seconds per day.

This unrelenting focus on precision translates into a flawless performance on your wrist.


We only use the best materials in our watches, which we craft with insane attention to detail.

We machine solid billets of 316L stainless steel, the preferred metal for watch cases, on CNC machines for absolute precision. We then hand polish each case to a pristine finish. Our multi-layer dials incorporate complex modern and time-honored finishes and textures.

Anti-reflective coated sapphire crystals ensure a lifetime of an unobstructed view of the dial and Swiss movement.

Finally, offer an array of straps and bracelets to accent your LIV Watch on your wrist.


Our watches contain as many as 206 parts and pass through the hands of up to 55 skilled craftspeople. During assembly, we continuously inspect for impeccable fit and finish.

Once assembled, we subject each watch to rigorous testing to ensure unfailing performance. Pressure tests subject the watch to the conditions expected in dives to 300 meters. Specially designed machines determine our crystal's resistance to scratching. We also use impact tests for durability and position tests for accuracy.

If a watch leaves our workshop, you know it will serve you through a lifetime of adventures.