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We Pledge Top Notch Quality

When you invest in a LIV Watch, we promise that you will receive a watch that:

  • Uses the finest materials and Swiss Movements
  • Matches or exceeds the quality of “big name” brands
  • Is an unrivaled value for your money
  • Has a unique, eye-catching, limited-edition or small production design
  • Delivers flawless timekeeping
  • Provides an impeccable timekeeping experience on the wrist for a lifetime


We Pledge a Human Connection

We are redefining what it means to be a boutique Swiss watchmaker. A crucial part of that is our direct to customer delivery and support. When you deal with us, you are dealing with people who founded LIV Watches to share their passion for high quality, affordable watches with our customers and fans.

This passion for making an unrivaled timepiece is equaled only by our passion for providing a fantastic customer experience. When you contact us for any reason, we promise to deliver a concierge-type experience where you will receive:

  • An absolute guarantee of satisfaction
  • The highest levels of personal service
  • Prompt answers to any question
  • A willingness to meet individual needs
  • Ongoing communication during any interaction with our tea


We Pledge to Make You Into a Fan

An obsession for quality, insane attention to detail, spectacular designs, and unparalleled customer service is shaking up the boutique watchmaking world. Our goal is to turn our customers into our fans and direct their passion for watches to LIV.