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Quartz Dive Watches

More on quartz dive watches coming soon! In the meantime, learn all about the history and functionality of this iconic watch style over on our blog with Demistifying Dive Watches.

What is a dive watch?

They tend to feature the following characteristics:

  • Larger in diameter (around 42mm or 1.65 inches);
  • Rotating bezel;
  • Well-built, solid-looking, and sturdy case;
  • Strap made of metal or rubber.

Dive watch testing

Before a dive watch can sport the official "Divers" stamp of approval, it must undergo rigorous testing. Tests include:

  • Salt-water resistance
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Underwater reliability

Caring for a dive watch

To keep a dive watch working for years to come, a bit of special maintenance is required. Keep the following factors in mind:

  • Don't wear a dive watch for deep diving, i.e., diving with a gas mixture;
  • Don't operate the crown during a dive;
  • Do rinse rinse all salt and dirt from your watch with clean water after each use;
  • Do regularly replace the gaskets on your watch (i.e., at least once every two years) to maintain its water-resistance

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