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Skip the middle man.Go right to the source.

LIV Watches is proud to be a direct-to consumer microbrand.What does that mean for you? In short, it means we sell our high-quality Swiss Made watches directly you. We don't do the whole "sell at wholesale to a retail store and let them jack up the price to account for their overhead" thing. We don't play those games.

That's why you can only purchase LIV Watches directly from us, right here on this site.Who needs unnecessary costs and mid-channel markups?

Not us, and not you.

And we know our watches better than any store ever could.

Thinking small, in a big way.

We aren't running a massive operation with chatbots and an entire floor dedicated to logistics. We're about the experience. We make amazing watches, and we want every step of your journey to be luxurious and exclusive. We provide concierge-style customer service no matter how you contact us--phone calls, chats, or emails. We respond fast, and we take your requests seriously. We aren't trying to make you "feel" special--we're trying to show you that you arespecial.

Sure, you can buy a watch anywhere. But after living the LIV experience, will you even want to?

The big brands cannot compare to the quality you get for the money.
I will certainly be adding more LIV watches to my collection.

— Daniel T.

LIV GX Swiss Automatic Chronograph

Fast, free worldwide shipping.

You found the watch of your dreams. Why wait for it? LIV will ship your watch to anywhere in the world so you'll have it in 2 days. Oh, and did we mention that the shipping's on us? Well, it is. Always.


We're here for you.

Our direct-to-consumer approach also means that we only have one customer to please, and that's you. Can a big brand with a sprawling retail operation make limited-edition, crowd-sourced designs? No, they can't--and they wouldn't even try. But here at LIV Watches, we don't know how to do it any other way.


LIV production sketches

Our direct-to-consumer model cuts out the middleman.

We're the ones who make these gorgeous watches.
Doesn't it only make sense that we should be the ones who sell them?

Contact us. Any time, any reason.

Thanks for reaching out! A member of our team will be in touch with you within the next 48 business hours.
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